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Jl. Toyogiri Selatan No. 77 Kelurahan Jatimulya Kec. Tambun Selatan Bekasi 17515
Bekasi 17515, Jawa Barat
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* Leading of Instrumentation & Valves*

PT. Rexindo Ototeknik was established in June, 2012 with long period expert for Instrumentation, Valves, Control System, Automation, Cooler & Heat Exchanger, Cables, Electrical, Mechanical, Analyzers, Cables, Fabrication & Engineering Services, Training as Indonesian National Company.

PT. Rexindo Ototeknik as a privately owned enterprise and has assumed fully responsbility for Sales, Marketing, Technical Support, Fabrication & Engineering services.

Our divisions is dedicated to supply Industrial part Products for Automotive Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper, Waste & Water Treatment Plant, Steel Plant, Engineering Procurement Services ( EPC) and Other Industries.

A flexible marketing strategy offer customers the option of straight forward product supply assembled system such as :


~ Manufacture of :
1. Model 901 O2 Analyzer for analysis of oxygen in gas flushed
( MAP) food packages
2. Model 901 Portable Spot Check O2 Analyzer for rapid spot
checks of oxygen concentrations
3. Model 902 Process O2/ CO2 Analyzer
4. Model 902 D O2/ CO2 Analyzer
5. Model 905 Benchtop O2 Analyzer
6. Model 905 Process O2 Analyzer
7. Model 905V Pharmaceutical Vial O2 Analyzer
8. Model 906 CO2 Analyzer
9. Model 200 O2 Analyzer
10.Model 200A O2 Analyzer
11.Mode 908 CO2 Analyzer Spot Check

II. Agent of BAXCELL Instrument Valves & Fittings Pvt. Ltd http: / / www.baxcell.com

~ BAXCELL Instrument Valves & Fittings Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified privately held share holding company engaged in Design/ Development, Manufacture & Exports of Instrumentation Valves, Valve Manifolds, Compression Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings & Instrumentation related accessories. BAXCELL Compression Tube Fittings are completely interchangeable with similar fittings of other manufacturers like Parker, Swagelok, Hoke, Hylok, Hamlet etc.

1. Maninfold
2. Neddle Valves
3. Ball Valves
4. Condensate Pot
5. Sampling Cylinders
6. Air Header
7. Syphons
8. Pipe Tube & Fittings
9. Vent Protectors / Bug Screens / Mud Daubers
10.Other Gauge Accessories

III. Agent of Anthone Electronics Co. Ltd,
http: / / www.anthone.net

Supply of :
1. Paperless Recorder
2. Industrial Display Controller
3. Safety Barrier
4. Signal Isolator
5. Pressure Transmitter
6. I/ O Module

7. Intelligent Power Meter
-LU-193 Series Multi-Functions Power Meter
-LU-192 Series Intelligent Power Meter
-LU-DP4M Series Single-Phase Power Meter
-LU-190 Series Multi-Functions Power Meter
-LU-191 Series Intelligent Power Transducer

8. Food Safety Detector
-Six-in-One Food Safety Detector
-Two-in- One Food Safety Detector
-Three-in-One Food Safety Detector
-Food Safety Detector ( Formaldehyde)
-Food Safety Detector ( Pesticide Residue)
-Food Safety Detector ( Sulfur Dioxide)
-Food Safety Detector ( Nitrite)

http: / / www.wexten.com

~ Manufacture of :
" Oil Cooler untuk Machine Tools
" CNC Cutting Machine Cooler
" Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger ( Side Mount)
" Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger ( Top Mount)
" Air Conditioner untuk Electrical Control Panels
" Water Cooler untuk Laser Cutting Machines or Engraving Systems
" EDM Machines Cooler
" CNC Wire Cutting Machines Cooler
" Water Cooler untuk Machines Tools
" Heat Exchanger untuk Oil Cooling
" Water Cooler untuk Welding Machines
" Cooling Air Dryer
" Thermoelectric Module Air Conditioners
" Cooling Fans

V. Agent of Jiangsu Hongguang Instrument Factory Co., Ltd
http: / / www.hginstrument.com/

Jiangsu Hongguang Instrument Factory Co., Ltd. was established in 1972, originally a state-owned company, a Subsidiary of Suyi Group.

Suyi Group is a group company of Jiangsu Hongguang Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., Jinhu Suyi S& C Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yitena Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., Jinhu Suyi C & T Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Maiteer Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd., & Jiangsu Huarun Cables Co., Ltd.. It is " Jiangsu Spark leading " Enterprise and " Jiangsu Province instrument cable brand development base " . Suyi Group is a manufacturer of industrial automation control devices, industrial automation instrumentation, industrial wireless control systems and wireless sensors.

1. Flow Instruments
2. Pressure Instruments
3. Level Instruments
4. Temperature Instruments
5. Valves
6. Calibrator
7. Recorder
8. Water Meter
9. Switch

VI. Agent of HQ Shanghai Instruments Co. Ltd.
http: / / www.hqcom.com.cn

• Thermal Mass Flowmeter
• HQ Series Balance Flowmeter
• HQ series ultrasonic flowmeter
• HQ series wellbar flowmeter
• HQ915 flow integrating meter
• HQ921 intelligence flow meter
• HQ951 Pressure transmitter
• HQ960 vortex flow meter
• HQ970 Electromagnetic flow meter
• HQ984 multiparameter flow meter
• HQ990 different pressure flow meter
• HQ993 V-cone flow meter
• HQ valve


" Huahai is a professional manufacturer of Flow Instruments, Pressure Instruments, Level Instruments & Temperature Instruments, etc " .
• Flowmeter ( Magnetic, Turbine, Metal Tube, Vortek, Ultrasonic, Thermal Gas Mass, etc) .
• Pressure & Level Instruments ( Pressure, Absolute, Differential Pressure, Ultra Sonic, radar, etc) .
• Digital Instruments ( Controller, Isolator, Data Logger, Recorder, Totalizer, etc)
• Temperature Instruments ( Temp. Transmitter, RTD, Thermocouples)

VIII. Supply of Toray Engineering of Oxygen Analyzer.
http: / / www.toray-eng.com/

-High/ Medium Concentration Measurement Type LC-750H
-Clean Gas Sampling Equipment Built-in Type LC-750H/ PC-110
-Dirty Gas Sampling Equipment Built-in Type LC-750H/ PC-111
-Medium/ Low Concentration Measurement Type LC-750L
-Clean Gas Sampling Equipment Built-in Type LC-750L/ PC-120
-Research/ Experimental Use High Performance Type LC-850K, KS, KD
-General-Purpose Type LC-300
-Low Concentration Measurement General-Purpose Type LC-450D
-Low Concentration Measurement General-Purpose Type LC-450A
-Baking and N2 Reflow Use Analyzer RF-30
-Baking and N2 Reflow Use RF-400
-Separate Sensor Type vacuum deposition SW/ LD-300
-Oxygen Analyzer for Food Packaging LC-450F
-Gas Flush Packaging Sampling Inspection Type LC-750F
-Oxygen Analyzer for Built-in Packing Machine LF-200
-Combustion Management Application Type SE-740/ SE-740D

IX. Agent of Temp Pro Inc
http: / / www.temp-pro.com/

Temp-Pro Inc., an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, is a best-value supplier of temperature sensors, electrical enclosures, and electro-mechanical assembly services. Our products include thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, thermowells, transmitters ( wire and wireless) , junction boxes, control panels, and a wide range of complimentary parts, accessories, and assemblies.

Temp-Pro Thermocouples
Type 011 - Spring Loaded Thermocouples
Type 02 - Fixed Insertion/ Direct Mounting Thermocouples
Type 03 - Oil Tight Removable Sensor Thermocouples
Type 04 - Bearing Thermocouples
Type 05 - Standard Industrial Thermocouples
Type 06 - Thermocouple Sensors with Plug Connection
Type 07 - Thermocouple Sensors with Small Terminal Head
Type 09 - Spring Loaded Pipe Clamp Assembly Thermocouples
Type 11 - Thermocouples with Extension Wires
Type 12 - Thermocouples - Stick Probe
Type 31 - Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors - Flexible Strip Type 32 - Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors - Bundle Sensor Unit
Type 33 - Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors - Springloaded Bundle
Type 34 - Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors - Guide Tube Unit
Type 19 - 24 Gauge Alumina Insulated Noble Metal High Temperature Thermocouples Product Release 2021 - Wire Rope Thermocouples

Temp-Pro RTDs

Temp-Pro builds standard and custom-engineered 100 OHM platinum and other RTDs. We build all of our sensors at our Northampton, MA facility.

X. Workshop
" Calibration
" Hydrotest
" Leak Test
" Sheel Test
" Pneumatic Test
" Machining
" Repair Valves ( Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, etc)

* Stockist & Distributor Valve*

As maker : Alco, Bonney Forging, Calobri, Dafram, Doughlas Cero, Della Foglia, Fasani, Flow Control Technlogist ( FCT) , Goodwin, Grove, GWC, Kitz, LCM Cheroflow, Kitz, LVF, Malbranque, Masoneilan, OMB, Orton, PBF, Pan Korea, Poyam, Ringo, Sapag, Saccap, Shipham, Smith, Starline, Triangle, UFR, Valvosider, Vanesa, Velan, Vitas, Spirax Sarco Plc, SMC, Valve Italia, Farris, Cla Val, Fisher, Rosemount, Jordan Valve, Broady Valve, Consolidated, Niezgodka, Nabic, Flowstar, Berluto, Besa, Watt, Burkert, Barksdale. TECO, ABB, Badge Meter, Keystone, Leeden.

* Cables & IT Products*
ARGTek, Belden, AMP, Cisco, Linksys, Hyperlink, Ubiquity ( UBNT) , HP ProCurve, D-Link, TP-Link, TrendNet, Server HP IBM


* CABLE : Instrument Cables, ELectrical Cables, Thermocouple , RTD, Extension Cable, Fieldbus/ Profibus Cables.
Kabel ( Supreme - Metal - Kabelindo - Tranka - Prysmian Cables, Sutrado - Extrana - Eterna - Voksel - Jembo - Belden - Lestari - Apollo - Daifu - Draka - Daisaku - Pulung - Multi - Praba - Ace - Prima - Sugeru) NYAF, NYM, NYY, NYMHY, NYYHY, NYFGBY , N2XSY , N2XSEBY)

* PIPE : Tubing Stainless Steel size 1/ 8 " , 1/ 4 " , 3/ 8 " . 1/ 2 " , 1 " , 1.5 " , 2 " etc.

* FITTING : Carbon Steel, ASTM 234, SCH 40, 80, Stainless Steel ASTM A-403, 304, 304, 316, 316L, SCH 10, 20, Screw/ Butt Weld, Union, Reducing Union, Bulkhead Union, Union Elbow, Union Tee, Union Cross, etc

* VALVE : Choke Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Strainer, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Knife Valve, Diaphragm, Plug Valve ( Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1200, JIS, 10K, 20K, etc)

* CONTROL VALVE : Anti Surge Control Valve, Control Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Regulator, Pressure Safety Valve, Solenoid Valve, Foot Valve, I/ P Positioner, P/ I Positioner, Smart Positioner.

* INSTRUMENT : Transmitter ( D/ P, Flow, Temp) , Flowmeter, PLC, Smart Digital Controller, Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Sight Glass, Safety Barier, Signal Conditioner, etc.

STEELS : Plate, Plat Borders, Siku, Square Bar, Round Bar
( Stainless Steel/ Carbon Steel) H Beam, Channel, U, CNP, INP, IWF, dll.

* ELECTRICAL: Trafo, Conduit, AC, Lamp, Genset, Motor, Generator, Stator, Hand Glove electrical, etc.


* HAND TOOLS: Rigid, William, Proto, Elora, etc.


" Electrical & mechanical equipments
" Compressor and generator
" Industrial and mining machineries material
" Boiler parts and equipments
" Diesel spare part for marine and industrial
" Cooler and equipment
" Gas turbine spareparts
" Pump and equipments
" Engine Part Recondition and Metal Refurbishing

* * * Engineering Service* * *

We provide specialized services or turnkey projects, to suit your needs in as bellow:
-Automation Systems
-Factory Automation Engineering and Service
-Instrumentation and Control System Engineering and Service
-SCADA and Telemetry
-Project Management and Documentation.
-CCTV Solution
-Information Technology
-Industrial IT and PC Software Development
-SDC, PLC, DCS, Servomotor, Inverter, TDC ( Mitsubishi, LG, AB, Siemens, Omron, Yamatake, Honeywell, Schneider, etc..)
-General Engine Panel
-Chiller AC Package
-Cold Storage
-Wiring, Intrument/ Electrical Installation, etc.
-Service & Calibration Field Instruments ( Transmitter, Switch, Analyzer, Controller, Control Valves, SDV, BDV, etc)

Product supplied are backed by PT. Rexindo Ototeknik Marketing and after sales support through a network of dedicated local branches through out Indonesia.

Our other division is focused to the supply gain management services where provide integrated solution to our customers in procurement and warehousing services there by reducing substainly their overall cost of ownership.

PT. Rexindo Ototeknik also offers engineering services options from engineering using design through after sales services of any products. Our services include installation, commisioning and start up. Also training and development in meeting customers overall requirements. For further information on any of our products or services listed in this company profiles can be obtained by contacting PT. Rexindo Ototeknik.

Produk / Jasa Utama

Menjual :
    Business : ODM, OEM and EXPORT (for main line); IMPORT (for some parts).
    Main line : Industrial coolers(chillers), Heat Exchangers and TE Module
    Cooling equipments etc.
    Business: Trading, R & D Main line: Airdryer, temperature controller and control PCB.

    Business : Manufacturing, Coating with paint and sales
    Main line : Sheet Metal.

    Above three companies support one another under vertical integration to assure the exact
    lead time and high guality products.
    The pronunciation of “WEXTEN” is similar to “WISDOM”. It’s intelligent and it symbols the expectancy of owner’ Self-request and management conception.


    WEXTEN is a professional manufacturer of industrial cooling Equipments Our cooling equipments could lower the temperature of machine to perform at a maximum level of precision and productivity.

    1.For Staff
    Our company emphasizes the team work., Everyone is active and works in responsibility.

    2.For customers
    We have been dealing our customers with honest and reliable manners to permanently serve our customers.

    3.For our products
    Serious quality control to reach the target of “Accuracy”.

    High science and technology industry is an inexorable trend of Taiwanese economy development at present time. The challenge for all precision machinery suppliers is to make the machine running speedily. So how to promote our industry upgrade and assure our product quality to meet with the international market standard is our primary business. Hence, we continuously reinforce our technology and increase our production equipments in order to develop the latest and quality cooling equipments which will give our customers the best solution due to high temperature problem.

    Wexten has been recognized by TUV CO., as an ISO 9001: 2000 registered firm since 1 April 2004

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