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Instrumentation & Valves

80000 Series 3-Way Control Valve

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02 / 12 / 2019
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Detail 80000 Series 3-Way Control Valve

Masoneilan* 80000 Series 3-Way Control Valve The Masoneilan 80000 Series is a three-way globe-style control valve for applications requiring either combining or diverting flow in a process control system. The open flow paths and simple construction provide a reliable and easy– to-maintain valve solution. Features & Benefits: * Common parts for both combining and diverting service designs helps reduce inventory requirements and offers ease of maintenance * Large flow paths offer effective dirty service capabilities and high flow capacities * Heavy valve plug and stem guiding provides dynamic stability resulting in excellent process control and improved process yields * Top and bottom entry access to the valve internal components results in easy in-line access for maintenance and repair * Extremely rugged design for reliable operation in demanding plant environments and process control applications Application: The Masoneilan 80000 Series 3-Way globe control valve is an excellent choice for applications requiring combining or diverting flow. It is also very well suited for applications with dirty fluids combined with high pressure drops. Some typical service conditions and operating requirements include: -Clean and dirty process fluids -Moderate to high pressure drops -Combining services with two separate valve inlets and a common valve outlet -Diverting services with a common valve inlet and two separate valve outlets -Low emissions and zero leakage options Design: The Masoneilan 80000 Series provides an excellent solution for three-way flow applications. It is a field-proven design, providing customers with a rugged and reliable solution that is easy to operate and maintain. * The combining design effectively mixes separate flows together, while the diverting service design efficiently separates the flow * Heavy plug guiding of the valve stem provides precise alignment for improved throttling control and resistance to any system vibration * Large streamlined flow paths permits the safe passage of foreign particles through the valve without impacting performance * Top and bottom entry construction allows flexible access to the valve internal components for ease of maintenance and repair Spesification: * Sizes: 1" through 12" ( 25 through 300 mm) * Ratings and Connections: Flanged: ASME 150 – 600, UNI-DIN 20 -100 Threaded: NPT 3/ 4" through 2" ( 20 through 50 mm) Welded: BW or SW Optional: ASME 900 – 2500, UNI-DIN 150 -420 * Body Materials: Carbon steel Stainless steel Chrome-moly * Actuator: Model 87/ 88 multi-spring diaphragm Model 37/ 38 spring diaphragm Cylinder actuators * Trim: V-port plug * Inherent Characteristic: Linear
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