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Big Ton Spring Supports

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Detail Big Ton Spring Supports

Big Ton Spring Supports

A big ton spring is a multi-spring coil device that lends itself to supporting very high loads and providing a great amount of stability. They are used in applications where the combination of heavy loads and thermal expansion are required.
Big Ton supports are designed primarily for the petrochemical industry where two important characteristics in spring supports are necessary:

  1. Stability: Big Ton spring supports are extremely stable. Base supports springs of this design are frequently used under horizontal pressure vessel saddle supports in combination with slide plates or roller supports. Our Big Ton design lends itself ideally to this support situation. Type F design is sufficient where there is a minimal amount of lateral movement, but where the combination of heavy loads and thermal expansion are required, Big Ton industrial springs should be your choice.
  2. Heavy Loads: Big Ton multi-spring design lends itself to supporting very high loads. The load values can be modified to accommodate the client’s needs. Loads up to 200,000 lb. can be handled with no problems. The designs which appear in the load table are “off-the-shelf” designs and can be shipped with good delivery dates. Designs above those shown in the load table will be furnished upon request. (pegas)


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