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Model LC-750F Oxygen Gas Analyzer For Food Packaging Products

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18 / 04 / 2024
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Detail Model LC-750F Oxygen Gas Analyzer For Food Packaging Products

Oxygen Analyser For Food Packaging Products, Model LC-750F


  • Measurement can be performed simply by injecting a sample - Easy to operate
  • Measurement possible with small sample sizes
  • Rapid response, high durability
  • Includes sampling tube, making sampling even easier


Measurement principle Battery-powered zirconia oxygen analyzer
Type Desktop type
Display system 4-digit digital display (concentration display)
Measurement range 0-0.5 / 5 / 50vol% O2
Fixed range
Difference Within ±2% of full scale (5 / 50% range)
Within ±3% of full scale (0.5% range)
Sampling system Injection type
Sample gas requirements Sample size: 5mL or more/sample
Humidity: Dew point below ambient temperature
Temperature: 0-50ºC
Others: Not to contain corrosive gas (fluorine gas, chlorine gas, sulfuric gas, etc.), gas containing organic silicone, flammable ingredients (including gas), oil or moisture
Reference gas Atmospheric air
Recorder output None
Transmission output RS-232C (Optional)
Alarm output None
Warmup time Under 20 min.
Dimensions Body: 150(W)×180(H)×265(D)mm (excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 5 kg
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz 3A

Model LC-750F Oxygen Gas Analyzer For Food Packaging Products.
Gas Analyzer
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