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Eliminator Macerator Pumps

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18 / 03 / 2024
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Detail Eliminator Macerator Pumps

Eliminator Macerator Pumps.

Screw Pump
The Sydex Eliminator range is the combination of a progressing cavity pump and a macerator.

Maintaining effective flow through small bore pipes over longer distances or high lift is notoriously difficult when dealing with fluid with a high level of solids or suspended materials. As flow is not dependent on pressure this provides an ideal solution to many difficult demanding applications with a single compact package. This self-priming progressing cavity macerator pump is capable of significant suction lift making it ideal for many difficult applications. The hardened stainless steel cutter of the integral macerator unit cuts & shreds the solids into small particles before entering the pumping element. This efficiently macerated waste is then easily transferred to the final destination without risk of blockages or failure.

​Ideal for domestic or small commercial premises where main sewerage or drainage is not available or where gravity feed is insufficient, the Eliminator can be an attractive and very cost effective solution. This macerator progressing cavity pump is also a good compromise to replace submersible pumps.

Eliminator advantages

Easy installation

Flexible ports (positioning 90°) providing flexible installation options
Compact stator


Mechanical seal for a long leak free service life
Stainless steel solid rotor

High cutting performances

2 pieces hardened stainless steel cuttings parts: bi hammer action for effective breakdown and maceration of solids
Double bearing arrangement providing independent shaft support and offering better performance and reliability​
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