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Laser Rangefinder Module

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26 / 03 / 2024
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Detail Laser Rangefinder Module

Laser Rangefinder Module

905nm single pulse 1HZ laser range finder module TTL RS232 600m/1000m/1500m.

As a rangefinder manufacturer, we support OEM/ODM/R&D service.

Bosean Laser Rangefinder Modules offer outstanding technical characteristics combined with an excellent price performance-ratio for the integration of length and/or position measurement systems, especially in the fields of industrial and security applications.
At an operational wavelength of 905nm the measurement range is 4 to 1500m with an measurement accuracy of +/-0.5m. The special processing electronics enable the Laser Rangefinder a maximum range capability within eye-safety class 1.
The production flow invoved by sequence are producing semiconductor circuit board, uploading software onto the board, cleaning eyepiece, assembling the prism for the eyepiece, checking the good condition of the internal LCD, ratifying the emission and reception lens, testing the correctness of ranging to finally assembling to a whole piece.Every process is closely checked to make sure our product defect free.

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