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Low Cost Solutions gas analyzer.

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04 / 07 / 2023
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Detail Low Cost Solutions Gas Analyzer.

gas analyzer
Low Cost Solutions

Purchasing a high-performance oxygen analyzer can be an expensive undertaking for some customers. And even if the price point appears prohibitive, the necessity to have accurate, dependable oxygen measurements does outweigh the risk of using unreliable measuring devices. AMI understands that affordability should not be barrier for customers that need quality performance and, thus, created our Low Cost Solutions category for this particular segment of the market.

Our Low Cost Solutions category contains 3 products – our Model 201LC, Model 65 and Model 60. The Model 201LC is a great solution for anyone that wants to utilize AMI’s patented innovations (the Eliminator Cell Block™, Command Center Electronics Platform™ and Bullet Sensor Technology™) in their measurements. However, the version of the Command Center Electronics Platform™ equipped on the Model 201LC only provides access to 1 key feature, the fully programmable alarms. Access to all the other premium functionalities is not available. The Model 65 and Model 60 are measurement probes, designed to provide quality % O2 readings from 0.00% to 25.0% with options to read as high as 50.0% and 95.0%. But unlike the Model 201LC, they do not employ AMI’s patented technologies.

Our Low Cost Solutions category offers customers with exceptional choices for their applications. And these products undergo the same rigorous manufacturing and quality testing standards that our premium oxygen analyzers go through. This ensures and provides peace of mind that customers are using ‘AMI-certified’ oxygen measurement devices that are superior to other competitive offerings on the market.

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