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LU-192I 3-phase AC current meter.

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25 / 01 / 2024
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Detail LU-192I 3-phase AC Current Meter.

LU-192I 3-phase AC current meter.

1.Brief introduction
LU-192I is specially for surveying of 3-phase AC current.

2. The main technical parameters
◆ accuracy: 0.5%F.S
◆ display: LED display
◆ measured electricity parameters: 3-phase power-factor, switch signal
◆ output models:
J1: relay output (resistance 250V/3A, normally open)
J2: relay output (resistance 250V/3A, normally open)
I2: 4-20mA transform output
R: RS232 communication model
S: RS485 communication model
P: RS232 print
◆ power: AC85~264V, 40~70HZ, DC85~330V (standard)
AC30~60V, 40~70HZ, DC18~90V (selected)
◆ power consumption: <4W

KWH Meter
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