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LU-532 food-safety detector

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07 / 01 / 2023
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Detail LU-532 Food-safety Detector

LU-532 food-safety detector

LU-501 food-safety detector (formaldehyde)

LU-501 food high-speed detector can detect the formaldehyde content in food. It’s mainly used in food safety field, can detect aquatic products and its processing, such as fish, shrimp, crab, oyster, fish balls, shrimp meat, dried squid, frozen seafood and others. It’s also used to detect Waterrishlogged Products, such as jellyfish, dried shrimps noodles, fish skin, sea cucumbers, cattle Omasum, Cowhells, tripes, duck claw, goose claw, hoof tendors, and processing of rice, flour.


Colorimetric Analysis: it is based on the selective absorption to specifically wavelength light of the fuchsia compounds that created by the reaction of reagent and the formaldehyde in the food.

This detector can automatically display and save the content of formaldehyde in the tested food sample.


1. It adopts SCM intelligent control, and has big LCD to display formaldehyde content in food sample tested.

2. It provides three curves: built-in standard curve, self-made curve and calibration curve, which assures the test result to be accurate.

3. It has calibration function, high measurement accuracy; with big data storage capacity, it can store at most 400 groups of testing data; it is equipped with interface for micro printer and RS-232 communication.

4. It can detect food sample without adding any apparatus by users, because this detectors are equipped with pre-processing equipments and full of reagent.

Technology index

● Channels Q’ty: 4

● Measuring lower limit: 0.5mg/kg

● Measuring range: 0~500mg/kg

● Measuring accuracy: ≤5%

● Interface: RS-232

● Printer: SP-T16SHZ-153

● Power: 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz

● Outline dimension: 283×154×91 mm

● Main frame weight: 2.30Kg

Food Safety Kit
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