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LU-Show Touch Screen Smart Paperless Recorder

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01 / 01 / 2023
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Detail LU-Show Touch Screen Smart Paperless Recorder

LU-Show Touch Screen Smart Paperless Recorder.

LU-Show Smart Paperless Recorder integrates the functions of record and control; support universal input: T.C, RTD, standard voltage and standard current and so on; have output control modes of PID, step-control (on/off), auto-tuning, manual, etc. LU-Show R/C2200/3200 smart paperless recorder may receive PID control up to 8 channels or signal input up to 16 channels,and LU-Show R/C5200 smart paperless recorder may receive PID control up to 16 channels or signal input up to 32 channels . Each control board has independent signal input, main control output and alarm output, and the input and output are absolutely electric isolated. The recorder has the function of programmable PID control, and the programmable curves are up to 100 segments. It also can provide sensor power supply.

Flexible data storage: The internal storage capacity of each channel is 32MB, and each channel has independently adjustable record interval (1~3600 seconds), and the record time is 95.5days to 941 years based on the record interval,users can choose channel and record interval to store data according to actual requirements. Adopt large capacity FLASH memory to store history data, the recorded data can be stored forever when the power is cut off. Adopt USB interface technology, the history data can be directly transferred to the U-disk when the U-disk is inserted in the recorder, which can provide us longer record time.

Convenient data process: We can screenshot the data or curve and copy it to PC to print. The communicate mode (RS232 or RS485 or LAN MODBUS TCP) can be set in the system configuration, no need opening the cover. RS232 communication interface is used to connect with portable computer or PDA to upload the real-time/history data, and through paperless recorder management software or U-disk data acquisition software we can analyze, store, and print the data. RS485 or LAN (Ethernet) communication interface is used to connect the professional configuration software, such as King-configuration, MCGS (monitor and control generated system), to make up real-time monitor system.

Powerful displays: all digital, super map, bar graph, real-time curve, control process, history curve, alarm listing, system configuration, channel configuration, print setting, etc. The recorders have functions of automatic review of history trend, zoom in/out (time and amplitude) on each curve display, orientation query (may directly query the data of some year, month, date, hour, minute and second. It is very convenient to query the alarm point), channel tag display (user can name the channels).

Adopt modularized structure, assembly of the recorders is very convenient. Different model of acquisition board can be connected to the recorder simultaneously, each acquisition board has independent power supply; the power supply and acquisition board are designed in different layers, and one board from another, input and output are absolutely electric isolated, which maximally reduces the interference from power supply to acquisition and main board, and highly enhance the reliability of the recorder.

User friendly human-machine interface, touch screen and operation prompt display enable users to operate the recorder conveniently without special training.

Abundant alarm output modes, 9 types alarm mode can be selected freely.

Display is bilingual in English and Chinese.

LU-Show Touch Screen Smart Paperless Chart Recorder
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