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Model 908 Portable CO2 Gas Analyzer for Spot Checks.

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29 / 02 / 2024
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Detail Model 908 Portable CO2 Gas Analyzer For Spot Checks.

Model 908 Portable CO2 Analyzer for Spot Checks.

The Quantek Model 908 CO2 Analyzer is designed for spot measurement and analysis of
carbon dioxide levels.

Analysis ranges of 0-2000ppm up to 0-100% vol/vol.

Simply introduce your sample gas flow into the inlet of the Model 908 portable CO2 analyzer, and see results on the LCD within 15-20 seconds. The inlet accepts a flow rate of 50cc/min to 1000 cc/min. If you don’t have a source of flow or positive pressure, the analyzer can be equipped with an internal pump to draw in sample gas for analysis.


The Model 908 portable analyzer weighs about 2 lbs and is easily carried via shoulder strap. Battery operation is included and provides approximately 10-12 hours of run time.


Simply connect the included sample tubing to your inlet connector or port. If you have a source of flow, you will achieve a reading in about 15-20 seconds. If you do not have a source of flow, the analyzer can be equipped with an internal sampling pump to draw sample into the analyzer.


The sensor design has a low internal volume and requires only a low sample flow of about 5 to 1000 cc/min. Our market leading CO2 sensor uses the latest in dual-wavelength NDIR measurement principles, reducing drift and allowing for a single point calibration. While the sample introduced should be clean and dry (non-condensing), should moisture enter the analyzer, the Model 908 is equipped with an internal moisture trap filter. This provides a last barrier of protection, and is user-replaceable (we provide spares).


The instrument uses a solid-state infrared sensor which has no moving parts, a compact optical cell, and microprocessor-based calibration factors using a 6th order polynomial equation to linearize the full range measurement up to 100%. Infrared CO2 measurements are inherently non-linear, especially over a high range of concentrations. The math algorithm used in the 906 yields more accurate measurements over a much wider range of concentrations than other methods.


The Model 908 can be equipped with a data logger which fits in the carrying case. This data logger will continuously collect the readings from the analyzer. Use the included software to analyze the data, conduct statistical analysis (such as analyzing averages and standard deviations).


The 908 CO2 analyzer is equipped with an advance 10 cell NiMH battery pack. The charger module plugs into any international 100-240V outlet, for charging or continuous operation.


The portable CO2 analyzer is backed it up with a two year warranty, twice the industry standard. The advanced design allows an output requiring less frequent calibration. It provides a stable, drift-free linearized voltage or current output that is much less susceptible to external electro-magnetic interference than conventional analog electronics.

Specification :

  • Range - 0.0 to 100% Carbon Dioxide (Other Ranges: 0 to 2000/5000ppm, 0-1%, 0 to 2.5%, 0 to 10%, 0 to 20%, 0-30%, 0-50%)
  • Resolution - 0.1% CO2 for 0 to 30, 0-50, and 0 to 100% ranges (0.01% CO for 0 to 2.5%, 0 to 10%, or 0 to 20% ranges) (0.001% CO2 for 0 to 1%) (1ppm for 0-2000ppm)
  • Accuracy - +/-1% of reading, or 0.2% CO2 for 0-100% range (+/- 3% of reading, or 75ppm for 0-2.5% and lower ranges)
  • Drift - less than 0.02% per month
  • Sensor- Infrared (NDIR); non-depleting with no moving parts
  • Sensor Body - Anodized aluminum
  • Calibration - Single Point Calibration - With standard calibration gas (available from Quantek if needed); SPAN adjustment on rear panel
  • Calibration Frequency - Within two years of original manufacture; each year thereafter
  • Power Supply - Internationally compatible charger or power supply, 100/240V (50/60Hz) to 12V
  • Sample Pump - Optional; internal, with on-off switch on front panel, draws about 5 cc/sec
  • Battery Operation - Included, with internal rechargeable 12 Vdc NiMH battery pack
  • Size - 8 in. x 2 in. x 7 in. (203 mm x 51 mm x 178 mm)
  • Weight - 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
  • Warranty - Two Years, parts and labor
  • Standards - CE, RoHS
  • Consumables - Internal, user-replaceable moisture and particulate filter; external 4in. moisture removal cartidges
  • Origin of Goods - Our goods are manufactured in the U.S.A.
Application :
  • Bioreactors
  • Gas Blending Systems
  • Fruit Storage Areas
  • Fermentation
  • Algae Experiments
  • Welding Gases
  • Controlled Atmosphere Rooms
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Incubation Experiments
  • Cell Culture analysis
  • Greenhouse CO2 Research
  • Biofuel Experiments
  • CO2 Mitigation Research
  • ..... and Many More

What Included :

The Model 908 comes with an internal NiMH battery pack, capable of 10-14 hours of runtime.

For process applications with 100% runtime, the analyzer is designed to stay operational when plugged into AC power.

Accessories for process analyzer
  • Internationally compatible (100-240V) power supply / charger
  • A – double orange connector (1/16 ID tubing) – useful if you choose to inject sample gas into the inlet of the analyzer using the supplied 60 cc syringe.
  • B – Two particulate filters – These leur-fit filters can be attached to the inlet fitting of the analyzer to provide extra protection from particulates.
  • C – T style connector – This fitting is useful as a flow limiter – by passing your sample gas through this fitting, and leaving one of the T stems open, you can reduce the flow reaching the analyzer.
  • D – Inlet fitting (accepts 1/4in ID tubing) – This is a replacement spare for the inlet fitting in the event that your original fitting is damaged or the threads stripped.
  • E – Adjusting screwdriver for potentiometers – This screwdriver fits the potentiometers on the back of the analyzer.
  • F – Rubber Washers – These are replacement rubber washers. One is already installed behind the inlet fitting to provide a leaktight seal.
  • G – 60 cc syringe for sample injection - Useful for syringe injection. Note, however that this method may require at least 120 cc of gas to get a proper reading.
  • H – 1/16 ID tubing – This tubing can be attached to one of the orange hubbed needles, and affixed to the inlet fitting.
  • I – Internal inline moisture trap filter (PTFE .45 micron) – This filter is a replacement for the inside particulate and moisture filter in the analyzer. Should you accidentally allow moisture into your gas flow, then find the readings not to change as expected, then you may need to replace this filter inside the analyzer by removing the top cover. This is a four layer filter which will completely block gas flow upon saturation.
Option :

  • Package Sampling - For testing of food packages, we can include a package testing add-on kit. This kit includes everything you need to measure CO2 in a package:
    • Sample probe
    • Internal pump
    • Configuration for minimal volume, additional leak testing
  • Internal Pump - A mini diaphram pump installed inside the analyzer, and draws approximately 5 cc per second. Great for situations where there is no source of flow. Expected -pump lifetime is 8-10 years. The pump can be used in two modes - one mode is clicked "on" and leaves the pump running until unclicked. Pressing the switch lightly enables operation according to the user adjustable potentiometer timer.
  • Data Logger - Our data logger includes everything you need for collecting analysis data from our benchtop analyzers. The data logger is used to collect measurements for offloading to a PC or Mac
  • Fine .01% Resolution - An extra digit of resolution can be provided for applications where accuracy is of the utmost importance. Please note that for 0-20% CO2 analysis range, we can provide this at no additional charge.
  • Tubing / Fittings - if you need a specific tubing for an access port, or a different type of probe, please inquire.

Model 908 Portable CO2 Gas Analyzer for Spot Checks
Gas Analyser
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