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Oxygen Sensors

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Detail Oxygen Sensors

Gas analyzer

Oxygen Sensors

AMI manufactures our own electrochemical oxygen sensors in our factory in Costa Mesa, CA. Whereas most oxygen sensors only utilize a standard design, comprising of a Teflon® membrane, silver cathode and lead anode, all immersed in an acid or alkaline electrolyte, AMI oxygen sensors are built with our patented Bullet Sensor Technology™. Our IP-protected technology introduces a new construction design that yields higher reliability, greater performance and longer product life. Our oxygen sensors have the fastest ‘come-down’ time in the industry and have been verified to achieve swift upscale and rapid response times. Our portfolio, which consists of our T Series for trace analysis and P Series for percent measurements, covers a broad range of oxygen applications and outperforms other conventional sensors on the market.

T Series Oxygen Sensors

Our T Series include 2 highly-specific trace oxygen sensors that provide high levels of accuracy, reliability and linearity throughout their measurement range. In fact, we are the only company in the world that produces PPM electrochemical oxygen sensors that are resistant to trace amounts of H2S. Our Bullet Sensor Technology™ allows our T-4 sensors to deliver error-free performance even while exposed to H2S levels as high as 500ppm. Additionally, all our T Series sensors can tolerate environments consisting of 100% CO2. AMI guarantees the resistance of our sensors to these problematic gases throughout their warrantied product life.

P Series Oxygen Sensors

Our P Series can provide and handle most requirements for % oxygen measurement. Our portfolio consists of 4 different electrochemical sensors and 1 zirconium oxide sensor. All of which are manufactured using our patented Bullet Sensor Technology™. Together, they provide extensive coverage over a wide range of % oxygen applications. Our top-of-the-line P-5 Oxygen Sensor delivers error-free O2 measurements – even when the gas stream is immersed with up to 500ppm of H2S and/or 100% of CO2. This level of performance is guaranteed throughout the warrantied life of the P-5 Sensor.

We do not engage in small batch testing as part of our quality system. Every single oxygen sensor, manufactured by AMI, undergoes a battery of performance testing. Each sensor is independently tested over 12 hours for speed of response, noise, linearity and diurnal performance. Afterwards, the same battery of tests is repeated while simultaneously putting the sensor under a heat stress test at 115°F. The entire quality check is performed twice over a period of several weeks after each sensor comes off the manufacturing line. And all of this happens before any sensor is shipped out to any customer.

AMI sets very high and rigid testing standards for all our oxygen sensors; and our standards eclipse those from other manufacturers in the market. That is why customers from so many industries see us as their top choice for oxygen analysis.

We strongly recommend that customers use our T Series and P Series sensors with our AMI oxygen analyzers to guarantee the most reliable measurements and best ease-of-use experience. If you have yet to use advanced technology in your oxygen measurements, contact us today and see what a difference our superior oxygen solutions can do for your application.


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