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Instrumentation & Valves

PSA service

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Detail PSA Service

PSA service



The Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process is based on the principle that adsorbents are capable of selectively adsorbing impurities. These impurities are adsorbed in a fixed-bed adsorber at high pressure and desorbed by “swinging” the adsorber from the feed to the tail gas pressure and by using an high-purity purge. Typically the desired component is not adsorbed and is recovered at high purity.
Smart positioner is a key element to meet the performance required by this application, usually boosters must be added to satisfy the stroking time requirements.

Thanks to high flow capacity of our smart positioner FasTrak®, boosters are not necessary, saving space and money. This allows direct control of the valve by the positioner, increasing control quality. Currently any positioner on the market has similar performance and FT is the only one which permits to delete volume boosters, reducing risk of fault.
FasTrak is easy to set, thanks to his dedicated free downloadable RemoteControl software interface. It has a real time graph (request position, actual position, pressures, deviation) and a patented control algorithm for accurate and fast control.
It is also possible to set control parameters independently for open and close action in order to find the perfect tuning of the PID loop. The positioner is able to work in single and double acting, it can be configured simply switching a plate on the electronic board. actuator

For more information about this product please visit dedicated webpage in PT series section.

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