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  • SKZ101 Double Column Tensile Tester

SKZ101 Double Column Tensile Tester

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail SKZ101 Double Column Tensile Tester

1. Introductions Its precise auto control and data acquisition system allow it to automatically acquire data and control the procedures. It can measure tensile strength, elongation, deformation, equipped with printer, the test results can be printed. And also equipped with the extensometer 2. Advantages 1) Equipped with hand control box to allow the moving of the crosshead quickly and flexibly. 2) It can automatically return to the original position after test. 3) Equipped with limit switches for preventing over travel protecting. 4) Having the functions of load control, stress control, deformation control, stain control, displacement control and can allow the customer to programme the test.
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