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  • Steam and Water Sampling and Collection Panels LPG Sample Containers.

Steam and Water Sampling and Collection Panels LPG Sample Containers.

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Detail Steam And Water Sampling And Collection Panels LPG Sample Containers.

Gas & Liquefied Gas Sampling Systems

Gas sampling systems with sample cylinders

Spot Sample Stations for Gas and Liquefied Gas.
Mechatest design standard and custom made gas or liquefied gas spot sampling systems that can take spot samples of gasses, liquefied gas or flashing fluids under process conditions in sample cylinders.

The systems with sample cylinders enable operators to obtain samples of gasses with high process pressures, liquefied, hazardous or toxic gasses.

1.Sample volumes cylinders 150, 300, 500, 1000 and 2250 ml (other on request)
2. Max. Process Pressure 124 barg (1800 psig), 345 barg (5000 psig) or 689 barg (10000 psig)
3.Safe (sampling) Process Temperature 60°C (140°F), high temperature with sample cooler
4.Complete sampling systems available in 316 stainless steel, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Duplex (other on request)
5.Cylinders conform European “Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 99/36/EC” (TPED) or “Shipping Container Specifications” DOT from the U.S.
6.One-handle operation by multiple valves guarantees simple operation and easy sample taking without complicated sampling procedures
7.Purge options available
8.Sampling systems with NACE MR0175 or NACE MR0103 standards for sour gas (H2S) applications.

Gas or liquefied gas sample panels/stations, standard designs and custom made conform client specifications. Sampling systems for Gas or Liquefied Gas Applications, for high pressure, low and high temperature, corrosive, arduous and sour service, strong toxicity, strong volatile and dangerous liquid gas mixture or gas which is bane to the environment.

1.Closed Loop and Emission Free Sampling
2.Safer for the operator and environment, prevent pollution
3.Safer for the sample and safe sample
4.Easy in operation and Low maintenance
5.Spring Return Handles available for Swagelok, Fitok and Hoke ball-valves.
6.Options: Spring return handle on sample valve, panel-mounted and protection cabinets with heater, floor-stands, special elastomers on request, all kind of process connections, sample coolers
Applications will found in the Petrochemical and Chemical industry, products to be sampled are;

-Acetylene samples
-Butane samples
-Ethylene samples
-Flue gas samples
-Natural gas samples
-LPG samples
-Propylene samples
-Chemical mixture samples
-Hydrocarbon samples
-Liquefied gas samples
-Liquid flashing samples

Applicable Code

-ASTM D 4057
-ASTM D1265-05
-NACE MR0175 or MR0103

Steam and Water Sampling and Collection Panels LPG Sample Containers
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