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Instrumentation & Valves

Vent Protectors / Bug Screens / Mud Daubers.

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*Instrumentation, Control System, Automation, Cooler & Heat Exchanger, Electrical, Mechanical, Analyzers, Fabricator & Engineering Service & Training*

Detail Vent Protectors / Bug Screens / Mud Daubers.

Vent Protectors / Bug Screens / Mud Daubers.

Air Vent


Vent protector fittings also known as Bug protector or Bug Screen or Mud Dauber is used to protect tubes that are exposed to atmosphericpressure, instruments that are open to atmospheric pressure and every tube outlet that is open to atmospheric pressure.
The end of the fitting has a filter screen of 40 meshes, made of SS 316. This screen prevents foreign objects such as insects, Mud & dirt from entering the system and causing damage.
The threads are NPT, BSPT or others according to request.
Vent protectors are 100%, tested for proof, burst and leakage. Every fitting is factory tested for proper assembly.
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