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Liquid Sampler solutions for liquid sampling

Mechatest design liquid sampling systems for spot liquid sampling, suitable to take spot samples of liquids under vacuum, atmospheric circumstances, low or high pressure

This typical “needle” bottle sampler for liquids is closed loop and suitable for emission free sampling of toxic, dangerous or volatile liquids. Mechatest’s liquid sample solutions are now modular and with a dozen of interchangeable options, it is economical and safer for sample, personnel and environment.
Typical liquid sampler configurations are; On-Off Liquid Sampler, Bypass Liquid Sampler, Back Purge Liquid Sampler, Needle Purge Liquid Sampler, Flow Thru Liquid Sampler, Piston Valve Liquid Sampler, GC Vial Liquid Bottle Sampler

  • Sample volumes 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml (other on request)
  • Max. Process Pressure 8 barg (116 psig), high pressure based on fixed volume sampler type
  • Max. Vapor Pressure 0.7 barg (10 psig)
  • Safe (sampling) Process Temperature 60°C (140°F), high temperature with sample cooler
  • Available in 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, or chemical resistance plastic TFM or PVC (other on request)
  • Replaceable bottle holder makes the sampler very flexible, possibility to change later from bottle volume
  • Bottle holders for GL32 and GL45 thread bottles with screw cap and septum
  • Bottle adapters also for Dopak bottles and specific client bottles
  • Sampling systems with NACE MR0175 or NACE MR0103 standards for sour liquid (H2S) applications.

Gas Sampler Impinger

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