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LU-K proliferate silicon pressure transmitter

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25 / 01 / 2024
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Detail LU-K Proliferate Silicon Pressure Transmitter

LU-K proliferate silicon pressure transmitter.

1. summary:

LU-K adopts proliferate silicon isolating sensors groupware which produced by famous NovaSensor, American company and with high accuracy & high stability. Through high stability amplifier electric circuit and accurate temperature compensation, it can transfer the absolute pressure or gage pressure of measured medium to 4~20mADC standard electric signal.

Exquisite seal technology and perfect installation process can insure the high quality & best performance. Complete specification, standard connection and convenient Zero & Span adjustment, can widely suit for user’s requirement.

LU-K have three types: common type, intrinsically-safety type and isolating-explosion type. Intrinsically-safety type and isolating-explosion type can be used to each kind of execrable or hazardous industry field.

2. characteristic:

·0~3Kpa to 0~60Mpa,

·direction process connection, not need assembly bracket,

·zero & span external continually adjusted,

·prevent lightning strike and radio disturbance,

·with field indicate meter,

·Intrinsically-safety or isolating-explosion,

·Compact, beautiful appearance and competitive performance & price,

·High accuracy, high stability and high reliability.

3. applicant:

·Process pressure survey and control of industry field,

·Pressure calibrate system in laboratory,

·Navigation and shipping manufacture,

·Avigation and airplane manufacture,

·Gas separate device and thermal motors,

·Energy managing system,

·Liquid survey and water supply system,

·Liquid and pneumatic control system.

4.technical index

·Measured medium: liquid, gas or vapour which compatible to 316L stainless steel,

·range ability: 0~3Kpa to 0~60Mpa,

·over-load pressure: 2 times of max. range or 70Mpa (select lower one)

·output: 4-20mA DC (2-wires)

·working voltage: 14~36VDC (2-wires), standard 24VDC±5%, Wpp<1%,

·medium temperature: -25 ~ +100℃,

·environment temperature: -20 ~ +85℃

·Relative humidity: 0~100%

·Load resistance: (4~20mA): R =(U-14)/0.02-R0, [U is power voltage, R0 is electric cable inner resistance], (0~10mA): R≤1KΩ,(0~5V): R≥300Ω

5. performance index

·Accuracy: ±0.25%, including the synthesize errors of non-linear, repeat and return difference.

·zero shift:

positive transfer: 0~+80% of the max. range.

negative transfer: 0~-100% of the max. range, (not exceed –100KPa, no negative transfer for absolute pressure product)

·range adjustment: can willfully adjust between the min. and max. ranges.

·Over-pressure affect: <0.25% of max. range

·Power affect: <0.01% of output range

·Load affect: can be neglected

·Temperature affect: ±1.5% of max. range (temperature –20~85℃, including zero & span affections)

·Stability: ±0.25% of max. range (12 months)

6. structure index:

·Diaphragm material: 316L stainless steel,

·Connection head material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel,

·Shell material: casting-aluminum alloy with plastic-spouted around the surface,

·Process connection: M20×1.5, NPT1/2 or G1 outer screw thread (big open)

·electric parts connector: 1/2 NPT inner screw thread electric cable seal connection head,

·indicate meter: 0~100% linear indication (analog meter, only separated-body type);

3-1/2 LCD digit display (digit display meter, only separated-body type);

·net weight: app. 1.2kg

·explosion-proof: Instrinsically-safety: Ex ia Ⅱ CT5;

Isolating explosion: Ex ds Ⅱ BT5,

Pressure Transmitter
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