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Instrumentation & Valves
*Instrumentation, Control System, Automation, Cooler & Heat Exchanger, Electrical, Mechanical, Analyzers, Fabricator & Engineering Service & Training*


Komax Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in advanced inline static mixing and direct injection steam heating technologies, creating world-class solutions for clients across a spectrum of industries. Technological Superiority Komax is at the cutting-edge of technology for a diverse range of Inline Static Mixers, Direct Injection Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters, and Heat Exchangers that are resilient, energy saving, and capable of solving the most complex mixing and heat transfer challenges. The company pursues technological excellence, while continuously innovating and developing new solutions for a variety of mixing and heat transfer applications. image002 The company's internal culture of innovation and problem-solving has resulted in Komax achieving more than 40 static mixing and heat transfer patents with additional patents pending. Extensive Experience With more than three hundred combined years of fluids-mixing experience, the Komax design teams have applied inline static mixing technology to over one hundred thousand installations worldwide. Since 1973, the company has been delivering high-quality inline static mixer and direct injection steam heating solutions, including inline mixing and heating of liquids, gases, slurries, sludges, and particulates under both laminar and turbulent flow conditions. Comprehensive Product Range Komax designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of inline static mixers in an array of materials of construction from PVC, FRP, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Teflon-Kynar and many exotic and special alloy. These inline static mixers and steam heaters have withstood the test of time. The products are best suited to process highly-viscous polymer materials while the others are designed to process water-like low viscosity materials, such as liquids and gases. The company provides leading-edge product designs that are at the forefront of inline static mixing technology globally. The design, engineering, and research teams at Komax are constantly pushing the limits to create newer and better static mixing products. Giving Back to the Community Komax has a long track record of giving back to the community. The company donates generously to support rehabilitation and restoration of families in the wake of natural or manmade disasters within the United States. The company extends its financial support to educational institutions to promote excellence in academics and sports. At an international level, Komax has supported projects in Mexico, Nepal, and the Philippines. The company also supports charities working in the areas for family support and mentoring for young women in need.
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