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Instrumentation & Valves
*Instrumentation, Control System, Automation, Cooler & Heat Exchanger, Electrical, Mechanical, Analyzers, Fabricator & Engineering Service & Training*


Over 70 Years Of Experience Thermco was founded in 1951 by Robert D. Richardson, a pioneer in gas analysis instrumentation, and holder of many patents. Through the years, we have grown to become one of the world's major gas mixing companies, shipping products worldwide. Thermco is still a family owned company, dedicated to paying close attention to customer's requirements. Thermco's first products were specialty gas analyzers. We developed gas mixing systems during the 1960's for welding and heat treating applications. One of our early developments was to engineer and manufacture gas mixing systems used to improve shielding gases for the welding of submarines. We have grown over the years, mixing and analyzing gases for many different industries including the automotive, military, heat treating, food packaging, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical. Our gas mixers and gas analyzers continue to set high standards for accuracy, quality, and dependability. We continually strive to meet our customer's needs with technical support and thorough documentation.
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